Win Marimekko's Kivet duvet cover & pillow case


Edit, 24th October: The competition has ended. We will come up with the winners in no time. 

Have you been reading Scandinavian Deko’s iPad issues? In each one we cover a story from different cities and their shops you might find interesting.

In the preview issue we presented Helsinki from an interior decorator’s point of view: there’s a list of interior boutiques and little shops which we think are worth visiting, Pino, Pulu and Aamu Song’s Salakauppa, for instance. In the September Issue we were in Turku – The European Capital of Culture 2011.

But now it’s your turn! We would like to know the best place in your own town – a shop, a café, a bookstore… Give us a comment and take part in a competition! We are giving out a package of 2 Marimekko’s Kivet duvet cover and pillow case in blank and white!

The only thing you have to do is to give us the name of your favourite place, a website – if there is one – and some of your own thoughts of it. The competition ends 23rd of October.

Good luck!

P.S. My favourite place in Tampere, my hometown, is Design Boulevard

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  1. Satu Kanninen sanoo:

    My favourite place in Helsinki, my hometown, is R/H. They have unique world of colors, shapes and relaxed style.

  2. Anna Hautamaeki sanoo:

    My favourite place here in Vaasa (my hometown) is Marimekko (Hovioikeudenpuistikko). I just love everything in there (especially in black-white). And I really love their new place, because it+s so much bigger than the old one 🙂

  3. Dominique Cuerrier sanoo:

    My favourite new place in Montreal (Canada)is Le Cartet Resto Boutique, part cafe, part grocery store. Possibly the best coffee in Montreal.

  4. Aikku sanoo:

    My favorite place here in Oulu is Kofeiinikomppania (
    I just found it and really lova the smell of tea and coffee there. You can get the best coffee or tea of the city.

  5. MrsAgatha sanoo:

    My favourite place in my hometown (Kirkkonummi) is Art Cafe Babylon (

  6. Jonna Hietala sanoo:

    Thanks, guys! It’s always great to get new tips. I have again one hint of Tampere:

    Love the doughnuts, the atmosphere, the scenery…

  7. Pia Sillanpää sanoo:

    My favourite place in my hometown Keuruu is Keupa-kirppis 😀 😀 I like allkind of used and old things..

    Enkä mä osaa englanniks kertoa ettei meidän pikkukaupungissa oo mitään hienoja kauppoja ja kahviloita, joten ei oo oikeen varaa valita…

  8. Mari sanoo:

    Kantrikauppa, when ever it’s open!

  9. Jennie sanoo:

    My favourite place in Ylivieska is Savisilta ( especially on the early mornings, when the sun is just rising..

  10. karkkinen sanoo:

    My favourite place in Espoo is Haukilahden paviljonki at summertime. Sitting by the sea and having a drink while watching the sun go down.. simple but so are the best things in life!

  11. Mari sanoo:

    My favourite place in Helsinki us absolutely Design Forum Finland. It offers a wide and continuously updated selection of Finnish design to buy from new releases to classics.

    There’s also Café Kakkugalleria, where you’ll find the best cakes in Helsinki and the latest magazines.

    I definitely recommend to visit there.


  12. Else Leivo sanoo:

    A real and genuine place for a cup of something warm here in Loviisa, Tuhannen tuskan kahvila.

  13. Lindé sanoo:

    Hello, my favorite place in London is Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning. It’s a beehive of activity with flower sellers, and a humdrum of people wondering around. Lots of lovely little shops with wonderful interior and artsy finds, cafe’s and cupcake shops, and an antique market down a little side street. Sometimes there are live music performers which really adds to the atmosphere.

  14. Maria sanoo:

    Here are my favourite places in Malmö, Sweden:

    Inspiration at FORM/DESIGN CENTER (
    Brunch at Konsthallen on Sundays (
    Dinner at Bastard (
    Drinks at Belle Epoque (
    Great design at David Design (

    Hope to see you there ; )


  15. pex sanoo:

    My favorite place is Top Sport Kempele. I Just found new shoes.

  16. Marie sanoo:

    Hmm here is so little shops, but maybe H&M is my choice 😛

  17. Marie sanoo:

    Oh i forgot to add city Kokkola.

  18. Elli sanoo:

    Here in Vantaa I love the selection of beautiful things and nice atmosphere in the interior store (located in Viisari shopping center).

  19. Ninah sanoo:

    My favorite place in Espoo is restaurant San Luca

  20. Tiinakaisa sanoo:

    In Tampere-city: Kauppahalli, Kyttälän kirppis, Radiokirppis, Design Boulevard, Runo-kahvila, La Famille-kahvila, Kahvila Valo, Armas-maitokauppa, Keittiöelämä..

  21. Nina sanoo:

    In Sotkamo, we accidentally dropped in MURUNEN coffee and design shop. It is EXCELLENT! Please make a article about it. I don’t know the owners but I’m sure they have a wonderful story to tell and you’ll get great pictures as well!

  22. inkamaria sanoo:

    My favourite place in Vesilahti is Pizzeria Makasiini ( It’s so cosy, friendly and yummy place.

  23. Iitunen sanoo:

    Mu favorite place in Lahti is cafe Kariranta 🙂

  24. Hi,
    Here in Turku my favorite restaurants are Mami ( and Tintå ( For interior decoration i visit Ottomaani ( and Sisustuksen Koodi ( My other home town is in Stockholm and there I always have to visit Svenskt tenn ( and Nordiska Galleriet ( for inspiration to the home.

  25. Heini sanoo:

    My favourite place in Joensuu is RomuRitari. Beautiful, old furniture etc.

  26. I think I am the first and only commenter not from Scandinavia?!
    Since I’m from the US, I better represent so I’ll give up my hometown also, Boise, ID.
    Of course I love Deko but another favorite site would be Annaleenas Hem. I love her DIY’s.
    Would love even more to win this Marimekko duvet set!

  27. Knitting yarn lovers, cute LankaDeli Shop in Helsinki at Malminrinne 1b offers knitting yarn goodies.

  28. Heidi sanoo:

    One of my favorite places is Gran Delicato Cafe on Kalevankatu, Helsinki. In an old fortress in Lappeeranta it is Cafe Majurska. I’ve lived in both towns.

    In my current home town Milwaukee, WI, USA, I like Alterra Cafe at Fifth Ward.

  29. pauliina sanoo:

    I’m new in town, but so far my favourite places here in Helsinki might be Vallilan makasiinit and Kivinokka beach in Kulosaari.

  30. Seena Ikonen sanoo:

    My favorite place in Lahti is italian restaurant Mamma Maria. Food is so great there and ice cream…mmmm….the best!

  31. SL sanoo:

    My favourite place here in Helsinki is Hakaniemen Kauppahalli(Hakaniemi market place).

  32. Riikka sanoo:

    My favourite place in Tampere is Vohvelikahvila at Ojakatu! Just delicious and so cute little old house.

  33. jane sanoo:

    Nice shop in Ylivieska is interior design gallery Paloranta.

  34. Laura Kaarmila sanoo:

    My favourite place in Kerava, Finland, is Närhi, wich is situated near the train station. It offers modern, colourful and kind of showy… 🙂

  35. Aliisa sanoo:

    One of my favourite places here in Tampere is home decoration store Kantriina.

  36. My favorite place in my neighborhood is Ting Ute o Inne. It gives me a great inspiration!

  37. My town is Trelleborg, Sweden.

  38. Sohvi sanoo:

    A nice place to visit in Kuopio is Ecological, personal and nostalgic articles.

  39. marja-liisa sanoo:

    A new favourite of mine here in Juva is Butiken på landet.

  40. kirsti sanoo:

    Pekan Kulma, nice and cosy here.

  41. Mellie sanoo:

    Woot, I will cetrinaly put this to good use!

  42. Iitunen sanoo:

    Milloin, oi milloin te kerrotte voittajan..? 😀
    Oh, when, when..? 😀


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