Therese Sennerholt Design just released her fourth collection of graphic prints. There are 15 new motifs and four oldies in this collection. This time, Therese has developed a new graphic concept for her prints extending it almost into 3D by adding a photograph in the background on some of the motifs.

“When creating the new print collection 2011 I felt strongly that I wanted to bring something new to the clean and minimalistic graphic design of the prints. This time, my intention is to achieve a more personal but also rough look, so while I was working on the collection, I decided to add a new element by using pictures in the background on some of the motifs. I have tried to mix minimalism with rawness by making the background pictures look vintage, distorted or low-resolution. Most of the typography is hand made to give the prints an even more personal touch and the pictures are from my private photo collection. Some of the quotes are found, some were given to me by friends, and some are written by me. The collection is produced and printed inSweden since I believe in keeping things local”, Therese says.