Stokkøya Sjøsenter, the reception

Stokkøya, the wooden cabin (to die for).

I had my first – but certainly not the last – visit to Norway a couple of weeks ago. Spent a whole week there with a photographer and shot some nice Norwegian places. One of those was Stokkøya Sjøsenter, situated on a small island beside the sea in Central Norway. This hotel, which included innovatively designed rooms with own porches and simple, yet totally stylish cottages, was something else! I have seen a lot of places but this one stole my heart. It proved me – and certainly to all other guests – that design does not have to cost a fortune. Some surprising elements with classics do the trick, always.

Stokkøya, a view to the sea.

Had also a chance to see how Norwegian people live and decorate their homes. Fell in love with the large living-rooms, big windows, high ceilings, the use of wood and wool… Natural, raw, personal. I highly recommend a visit there to everyone.

And the scenery. Never seen anything quite like that. There’s already plans to go and shoot more Norwegian homes next summer.

P.S. One more thing from Stokkøya: it has been selected one of the most dashing restaurants in Nordic countries – and they certainly are worth the recognition! Still dream about those near-produced, ecological foods…