Scandinavian Deko’s conquest of the world continued last week at the London Design Festival. We were presenting our new, wide-ranging publication to a large group of guests in the Skandium store in Brompton.


This year Skandium celebrated the important event with the exhibition On Yellow Skandium London by the Swedish star designer trio Claesson Koivisto Rune. The exhibition was accompanied by the book with the same title: it was packed with sketches of the designs made in the past 15 years.


Magnus Englund, the front man of Skandium, descibes the trio:

”What makes Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune unique is that they remain multidisciplinary with work ranging from architecture and interiors to furniture and textiles, mobile phones and clocks, jewellery and glassware. They are international both in influence and commissions, equally at home in Osaka and Stockholm, working for over forty companies. And they certainly are no unsung heroes: Claesson Koivisto Rune is a name you hear over and over again.”

Ulla Koskinen, Editor-in-Chief



Posing with Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto Ola Rune.

Skandium owners Chrystina Schmidt, Magnus Englund and Christoher Seidenfaden and a friend and me.