Magnificent new granary

Susanna Vento, Deko’s décor editor, designed smart and trendy interiors for a two-story wooden house that demonstrate the magazine’s visionary style. The granary’s new look shows a respect for enduring forms, beautiful handicraft and authentic materials.

Both end walls of the pitched-roof space upstairs are pure glass. The bedroom opens up to a balcony, while the living room has a French balcony.

Tikapuinen, designed by Johannes Nieminen, has shelves for many dishes, Niemisen. Adaptable dining room table by Muuto and DSW chairs by Vitra, Artek.

The wall above the sofa features an array of pictures and a big lamp. The wall lamp bends over the table and does not block the view. The Play sofa by Adea was upholstered with alluring, cool shades of green. The concrete table is self-made, instructions on page 99. Stolab’s Arka chairs with a natural finish, Inreda. Crocheted decorative balls, Sirpa Salo.


The wooden cutting boards were sawed into the shape of houses. Thermos by Stelton, Stockmann. Kartio glasses in an anniversary package, Iittala.

Wooden utensils form an attractive arrangement.

The back wall of the white kitchen is made of recycled glass. Kitchen cabinets, Huushollikeittiöt. Coffee maker, Artek. Herb bags from Pino and towel from Kauniste.

Kleo rack by Naoto Niidome keeps the clothes in order. CMYKat poster, Society6. Swedish Hasbeens clogs, Brandos. Clothes, Stockmann and Marimekko. Wooden beads, Aarikka.

Wood-coloured drawers from Ikea’s Malm line. A-shaped lamp, Armas Design. Diesel lamp, Vallila Interior. Chinese checkers, Scanditoy. The posters are self-made.

The daughter’s room shows a modern take of the 1970s. Dynamic squares and stripes and graphic textiles brighten up the bed cover. The big pillow is made of Ruta fabric by Mairo, Design Isabella. The red-and-white pillow is made of old Tampella cotton. Karhu pillowcase, Sanna Turunen. Talo is a new pillowcase by Mum’s. Ball wall lamp, Valaisin Grönlund. The String Pocket shelves and Palaset cubes provide storage space around the sawhorse table. Double sawhorse legs, Jussi Takkinen. Table top, Ikea. Shelf, lamp by Muuto and chair by Bertoia, Artek. Palaset cubes and boxes, MK-Tresmer.

The table top in the study is made of inexpensive coated veneer. Loop sawhorse legs, Finnish Design Shop. The clipboards on the wall are used to compose picture arrays to one’s liking. The new 3M clips do not leave marks on the wall and are a handy way to create temporary picture arrays.

The low bed enhances the feeling of space in the bedroom. Linen bedclothes, Balmuir. The Vaara cover was knit from Novita’s yarns. Baby Rocket stool, Artek. The hanging lamp was made by Armas Design.

The cluster of leather balls makes for a cute rack, Armas Design. Au Maison’s kelim bean bag is sold by Sisustus Verona. Parentesi lamp by Flos, Plusminus Partners. The crochet tricot rug is the work of Sirpa Salo.

Old shingle baskets were tied together with wide grosgrain ribbon and belt loops and made into a bedroom storage shelf.

The rattan Juttu footstools, designed by Eero Aarnio, look modern again.

The bed in the son’s room was made of raw board and wheels. The height can be adjusted with mattresses. Mattresses from Ikea, fabrics from Adea and belts by Johanna Gullichsen. String Pocket shelves, Artek. The children’s room will be described in greater detail in the August issue of Deko.

Stendig calendar in the entrance helps schedule planning. Hunter boots, Brandos.

The desk top is decorated with pretty paper products and a small shingle basket.

The long desk was put together using laminated board and self-made sawhorse legs. The diagonally sewn curtains, made of striped Marimekko fabric and attached to the edge, hide toys behind them. The veneer storage boxes by Tuiskulan Kotikolo were painted in circus style, paint from Tikkurila.

The first snow had just fallen when Susanna Vento, Deko’s décor editor, began planning the interiors of Aitta, one of the houses built for the Kokkola Housing Fair. By the end of the year, Susanna had involved her other family members in the project as well. A particularly notable contribution came from her mother, who made a wide range of charming hobby horses, a crochet tricot rug, as well as decorative crochet balls suitable for numerous purposes, for example, as door stoppers.

 “The interiors were designed and created by many people showing great devotion. This project once again proved that thoughtfully planned interiors cannot be thrown together just like that,” says Susanna.

Deko’s fair house is designed for an imaginary family consisting of a father who works as a development director, a part-time graphic artist mother working at home, as well as a daughter nearing her teen years and a son in the hobby horse age-group.

 In his free time, the father fishes out at sea, which can be seen from the house windows. The mother appreciates sleek and stylish interior solutions. She has not made decisions on her own, however, but together with her husband, whose sophisticated taste she values.

 “The daughter is surprisingly good-natured and well-behaved. As is her red-haired younger brother, who is by no means wild, even though he and his friends arrange hobby horse races in the house and yard every now and then.

 Wood as wood, wool as wool

In addition to ready-made furniture, Aitta was furnished with individual items specifically designed for the house, such as the sofa made by Adea, wooden slatted-base bed and self-cast concrete table. The knit cover designed by Susanna was handmade by Novita.

What Susanna especially wanted the interior decoration to bring out was the unobstructed passage of beautiful light and natural materials that do not result in unrecyclable waste. The furniture is mainly light and simple in structure, the only exception being the cool-green sofa, which lies massively in the upstairs lounge like a big, snoozing animal.

Material selections emphasise wood as wood, wool as wool and concrete as concrete without additional treatment. They were used to create a cosy atmosphere, taking care not to evoke any granny nostalgia. Even the Pälkäne wall rug made by Suomen Käsityön Ystävät (“Friends of Finnish Handiwork”) looks modern in Susanna’s arrangements.

True to Deko’s style, Susanna placed old and new items here and there, giving the objects a new life with paint or by making them part of decorative and functional arrangements. Tied together, shingle baskets transformed into an attractive and practical book shelf. Three wooden chairs were screwed together to make a solid yet graceful bench. The decoratively painted storage boxes in the son’s room also function as eye-catchers with a touch of the circus world.

In the children’s rooms downstairs, the emphasis is on real-wood furniture, which changes and adapts as the children grow and develop.

“The table top on sawhorse legs is a good example of an item that changes according to needs. The legs can be used with different-sized tops, and the height of the table can be adjusted by changing the legs. When no longer needed, the legs can be burnt in the sauna stove.

The wooden slatted-base bed on wheels, designed by Susanna, can be raised according to the likes of users by adding more mattresses. It can be later recycled and used, say, as a worktop in the garage.

All lined up

What Susanna likes most about Aitta are the nature views, opening up from the big windows on the top floor, which could be admired endlessly. Beautiful scenery can also be enjoyed from the parents’ bedroom, located at the other end of the open space next to the study and small toilet. The living room, kitchen and dining space are at the other end.

 “I removed the legs from the parents’ bed to lower it and create the impression of sleeping under the sky.”

The bed in the parents’ room is adorned by a knit cover, resembling those found in grandparents’ homes. The knitting instructions can be found at the end of this article. The carefully planned colour stripes reflect Susanna’s fondness for regular and orderly patterns and arrangements.

“I’m of the arranging type and like to create different types of installations. If I had a garden plot, I would probably group all the plants so the colours would form a neat patchwork. In fact, it would also be great to arrange the plants according to their height.”

Susanna’s installations can be found all around Deko’s fair house: on the dining room table, walls and sauna, featuring wooden utensils, clipboards and pieces of soap.

“I love and collect beautiful bars of soap, but don’t have the heart to use them. They are only admired at home. What we use for washing up is just ordinary, everyday soap,” Susanna admits.


Vaara knit cover

The parents’ bedroom in the Aitta house is decorated with a fun zigzag-patterned knit cover. It was designed by Susanna Vento, our décor editor.

Design by Susanna Vento

Size ca. 130×170 cm

Materials Novita Isoveli (010) off-white, (276) light peach, (099) black, (388) green and (043) mottled grey, 600 g of each colour

Circular needle (80 cm) Novita 10 mm or size to obtain tension

Pattern Wavy garter stitch: knit according to the instructions and drawing.

Tension 9 sts garter stitch with double yarn = 10 cm

Note The throw blanket is knit with double yarn.

To make Loosely cast 147 sts in off-white double yarn and knit 1 row on the purl side. Start knitting the pattern from the chart’s first row as follows: knit 12 sts from the right, repeat the 24 sts pattern 5 times and finish by knitting the 15 sts on the left side of the chart. On the purl side, knit the yarn-rounds into the back of the stitch to avoid holes around the increase. Repeat rows 1–2 in off-white 3 times. Change to peach and continue knitting stripes, repeating rows 1–2 in each stripe 4 times. Stripes: peach, black, green, grey and white. Repeat the stripes in this order until the blanket measures ca. 170 cm. Finish the last stripe and cast off loosely.

To make up Neaten all yarn ends, lightly steam the blanket or stretch to measure, spray and let dry.

Questions about instructions Novita 040 178 2266, Mon. and Wed. 10 am to 2 pm

Questions about yarn Novita 05 744 3335, Mon.–Fri. 9 am to 4 pm,


Repeat rows 1–2

 24 sts pattern repeated

 = plain stitch, purl on purl side

= purl stitch, knit on purl side

= knit yarn-round into the back of the stitch on the purl side

= yarn round needle

= slip 1, knit 1 and pass slipped stitch over

= knit 2 stitches together

= slip 2 stitches as if knitting them together, knit 1 and pass 2 slipped stitches over


Furniture and materials


Daughter’s room Zio ceiling lamps, Innojok. Bertoia desk chair, red stool, Muuto’s desk lamp and String Pocket wall shelf, Artek. Double sawhorse legs, Jussi Takkinen. Table top and Malm drawers, Ikea. Nella RP Bonnel mattress and legs, Masku. Pillows and covers, JoutsenFinland. Linen bedclothes, Balmuir. Big chequer pillowcase, Mairo/Design Isabella, Karhu pillowcase and bag, Sanna Turunen, and Talo pillowcase, Mum’s. Magazine holders and desktop cubes, Palaset/MK-Tresmer. Pen cases and Playshapes blocks by Ombrellino. Tray and 3D book, Napagalleria. Plastic animals, Stockmann. Wooden beads, Aarikka. Normann Copenhagen’s Hang On clothes rack, Finnish Design Shop. Ball wall lamp, Valaisin Grönlund. CMYKat poster, Society6, frame from Ikea. Coffee pot, Vuokko. Character letter-shaped lamp, Armas Design. Diesel’s Cage Mic lamp, Vallila Interior. Small, orange-and-white storage box, Peroba. Alga’s Chinese checkers, Scanditoy. Rugs, Tikau. Kleo rack and hangers, Skanno. Clothes, Stockmann and Marimekko. Swedish Hasbeens clogs, Brandos. The shingle basket, ladles, chequer storage box and red-and-white table cloth are props.

Son’s room The wall was painted with shade V481 from the Deko colour scheme, Tikkurila. Zio ceiling lamps, Innojok. The sawhorse legs, table top and slatted bed base are self-made. Clothes cupboard and mattresses, Ikea. Mattress fabrics, Adea. Belts, Johanna Gullichsen. Striped curtains and horizontally striped pillows, Marimekko. String Pocket wall shelves, children’s chairs and Restore storage vessel, Artek. Crochet exercise ball and hobby horses, Sirpa Salo. Decorative ribbon, Weekdaycarnival. Pulu lamp, puzzle, kaleidoscope, robots, cuckoo clock, domino, Shapemaker blocks and knit elephant, Ombrellino. Brio’s railroad, wooden blocks, dachshund, owl and Labyrinth, as well as Alga’s pile-up tower, Scanditoy. Dinosaurs, Jukka house, colourful wooden animal figures and Habitat’s wooden number game, Stockmann. Animal toys made of felt, Suomen Käsityön Ystävät. The veneer boxes by Tuiskulan Kotikolo are self-painted. Ladder, Peroba. Aakkoset towel, Kauniste. Snake by Ferm, InnoDeco. The television is a prop.

Entrance The bench is self-made from old chairs. Chairs, Fida, Empire paint K499, Tikkurila. Horizon carpet, Woodnotes. Hunter boots, Brandos. Normann Copenhagen’s Hang On clothes rack, Finnish Design Shop. The Stendig calendar is a prop.

Sauna and washroom Soaps and bowl, Stockmann. Liituraita textiles, Jokipiin Pellava. Bucket, ladle and thermometer, ShowroomFinland. The shingle tray is a prop.


Study Au Maison’s bean bag, Sisustus Verona. Crochet rug, Sirpa Salo. Parentesi lamp by Flos, Plusminus Partners. Loop sawhorse legs, Finnish Design Shop. Vitra’s DSW chair, Artek. Alex drawers, Ikea. Palaset magazine holders, MK-Tresmer. Essential paper bags, Pino. Leather ball rack, Armas Design. The clipboards and shingle baskets are props.

Bedroom Nella Bonnel mattress and legs, Masku. Ludde sheepskin, Ikea. Pillows and duvet, JoutsenFinland. Linen bedclothes, Balmuir. Vaara knit cover designed by Susanna Vento, Novita. Rocket stool, Artek. Lamp and bulb made of Nud cord, Armas Design. Crochet vases, Molla Mills. “Aamiainen”, painted by Jenni Rope, Taidelainaamo. The shelf was made of old shingle baskets. Sukat Makkaralla pitcher and glasses, Marimekko. The bunny mask is a prop.

Living room Play sofa upholstered with Kvadrat’s Pause 3 fabric, shade 874. The sofa legs were made according to own designs, Adea. Flos 265 wall lamp and Toio floor lamp, Plusminus Partners. Stolab’s Arka chairs, In & Reda. The concrete table is self-made. Eames LTR small tables, Artek. Ziczac decorative pillow, Mum’s. Pälkäne wall rug, Suomen Käsityön Ystävät. Kakaoögonen poster, Form/Design Center, other pictures and paintings are self-made. Pop wool-and-linen rug, Hanna Korvela. Crochet decorative balls, Sirpa Salo. Juttu footstools, Sokeva-Käsityö. Picture bases, Clas Ohlson. The babushka dolls and wooden beads are props.

Dining space Tikapuinen bookshelf by Johannes Nieminen. Adaptable dining room table by Muuto and DSW chairs by Vitra, Artek. Pop wool-and-linen rug, Hanna Korvela. White dishes, Iittala and Marimekko. Vases by Ferm, InnoDeco. Wooden cooking utensils, Stockmann.

Kitchen Plusminuszero coffee maker, Artek. Essential bags used as protective pots for herbs, Pino. Cork potholder by Ferm, InnoDeco. Kitchen towels, Kauniste. Tools pot and Kartio glasses, Iittala. Thermos by Stelton, Stockmann. Dishes in the glass cabinets, Marimekko. The cutting boards are self-made.


Interior decoration and photo arrangements Susanna Vento Photography Kristiina Kurronen Text Suvi Ruotsi



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