…tell me how ya doing? Africa is doing just fine, at least what it comes to upcoming trends and superb handicrafts. Ethnic style decoration and furniture have been a bit in a minor role these past few years, but now we see some serious signs of it overtaking the stage once again. The amazing combinations of bright colours and traditional patterns are a fresh delight to the eye, not to mention the beautiful natural materials and the centuries old traditional techniques they are used with.  The best things are the ethical influences: by buying an African hand-made product from a responsible company you support employment and welfare in parts of Africa where they are much needed in.

Fortunately there is already a huge amount of  ethically conscious companies in the world that import goods from Africa and other third-world countries, and the number is growing. One of them is small Finnish company Ikibo, from which we collected the sweet treats above.  The hand-woven baskets are from Rwanda, made of natural fibers such as sisalagave. The hand-made ceramic necklace is from Kazuri, a company that provides employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of Kenyan society. The cushion with a traditional pattern is from Ethiopia, made of silk and organic cotton.

Add a dash of Africa to your decoration, it makes a dazzling couple with the scandic, we think.