1. For a nude look, wrap your gift in cotton duck and tie it with a strap of leather or copper wire.

2. Soft colours and white paper yarn leave room for decorations. Add colour to the paper yarn with crafting paint, decorate wooden beads with a black marker and complete the decoration with a bow. Any accidental splashes blend into the lovely wrapping.

3. Make photocopies of graph paper and use it as a gift wrap. You can add decorations cut out of self-adhesive plastic and use reflective tape as a ribbon.

4. Parisian paper is a beautiful, simple gift wrapping material. Add decorations made from paper yarn, wooden beads, or ready-made ornaments such as birds.

5. Wrap your gift  in a mummy-like style with strips of white cloth or make an impressive bow from a sheet.

6. Slip your gift into a pocket folded from white drawing paper and close the seams with a sewing machine.

7. Wrap your gifts in rattling grey tissue paper. Tie the package with black paper yarn or add an impressive decoration.