A cast concrete table is easy to make over the weekend, for example. This rough beauty can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Ikea Klubbo coffee table, veneer,50 kgdry cement, reinforcement mesh, power drill and mixing bit, mixing bucket



1. Assemble the table. The table top functions as the base of the mould.

2. Saw11 cmhigh walls from the veneer and screw them to the table edges.


1. Use the mixing bit to mix the cement with water as instructed on the package.

2. Lightly brush the sides of the mould with rapeseed oil to prevent the wood surface from sticking to the concrete.

3. Evenly spread approximately2 cmof the mix on the base of the mould and place the reinforcement mesh on top of it.

4. Slightly overfill the mould.

5. Remove excess material and even out the surface by pulling a board along the edges of the mould.

6. Let the mix dry indoors 5–7 days. Separate the table top and concrete slab.

7. Prop the legs to the slab.

Susanna Vento and Samuli Niskanen Photography Kristiina Kurronen