And finally we have the results of our Marimekko competition. We asked you to list your favourite places (shops, cafés, restaurants…) in your own hometown and got a bunch of useful and interesting answers – from which we, by the way, are going to do a list for you. In the meantime you are very welcome to take a look at Scandinavian Deko’s iPad issues: we publish a story of a certain town every month. Those of you who are travelling to Helsinki, for instance, may find the Preview Issue rather helpful.

Marimekko Kivet duvet cover

But back to business! The winner of the Marimekko Kivet duvet cover (x 2) is Aliisa from Tampere. She gave the following tip:

”One of my favourite places here in Tampere is home decoration store Kantriina.”

Thank you all for the participation and huge congratulations to Aliisa! We’ll be contacting you right about now. 🙂