A private playhouse


Around 12 metres of 30 x 30 mm pine battens, wood glue, 60 mm screws, wood pegs, furniture paint, a saw and a power drill.

1 Saw the pine battens as follows: six 750 mm long pieces, five 1,000 mm long pieces and four 500 mm long pieces.
2 Make the gable end frames first: saw one end of four 750 mm battens and two 500 mm battens into an angle of 35 mm. Join the pieces as shown in the figure below. Saw off any extra parts along the edges of the piece.
3 Drill holes for the wood pegs into the corners. You should make the holes a little smaller than the pegs to make sure that the pegs won’t become loose. Drill holes for pegs also at both ends of each of the five 1,000 mm battens.
4 Make a chimney from the extra pieces and fix it with screws. Paint the pieces and join the intermediate battens to the gable end pieces. The playhouse is collapsible: you can store it in parts and take it outside in the summertime. The playhouse in the photo has been painted with colour tone S366 of Tikkurila Empire furniture paint.