Crochet a large and low storage basket from strips ripped from worn out sheets. Ecological & practical!


–       Duvet cover or two sheets

–       9 mm crochet hook



Bottom ø 46 cm, height of edges 14 cm


Good to know!

Chain stitch = ch

Stitch = st

Slip stitch = ss


To do this:

1. Tear the sheet into strips around 3 cm wide. Leave the worn middle part unused.

2. Using a sewing machine, attach the strips together to form one long strip and roll it up into a ball.

3. Chain 6 and join with ss to form a ring.

4. Crochet 2 st into each chain stitch. Join the round with a ss.

5. Crochet 1 st, with 2st on alternating stitches. Join the round with a ss.

6. Crochet 2 st into every third stitch, and one st into stitches in-between. Join the round with a ss. In the next round, increase on every fourth stitch, and on the following round, increase on every fifth stitch etc. Continue in this way until the diameter of the bottom (ø) is 46 cm.

7. Stop increasing and continue crocheting and the edges will rise up.

8. Make the upper edge narrower on the last couple of rows by skipping over a stitch at regular intervals, 4 times/row. Finish off.