Concrete coffee table is easily made during a weekend. This rough beauty makes a good friend with a simple sofa.


–       Ikea Klubbo coffee table

–       plywood

–       50 kg of dry cement

–       wire mesh

–       drill and mixing blade

–       bucket


To do this:



1. Build the Ikea Klubbo table. The table top is the base for the mold.

2. Cut the plywood to 11-cm-high bulkheads and screw them onto the edges of the table.



1. Make the cement using the instructions on the package.

2. Lubricate the edges of the mold with rapeseed or olive oil, so the wooden surface doesn’t stick to the concrete.

3. Spread the cement (about 2 cm layer) evenly on the bottom of the mold and place the wire mesh on top of it.

4. Fill the mold and smooth the surface.

5. Let the table dry for 5 to 7 days inside. Remove the table top and the concrete top of each other.

6. Screw the feet to the concrete table top.