A large cardboard box can easily and ecologically become a recyclable dollhouse.


–       cardboard box (at least 30 x 40 cm large)

–       scissors or a carpet knife

–       hot-melt glue gun or wood glue

–       pencil

–       black marker


To do this:

1. Disassemble the box by cutting off the top, bottom, ends and longer sides.

2. Plan the wall sequence with the pieces. Use a pencil to mark where the pieces meet.

3. Cut the doorway holes to the wall pieces.

4. Place the wall pieces crisscrossed and make vertical cuts, where the walls will be against each other. Make a cut from the top to the middle to the first wall and a cut from the bottom to the middle to the other. If the cuts are narrow enough, the walls will stay up even without glue.

5. Use the spare pieces of cardboard to create furniture.

6. Decorate the furniture with a black marker.